2020 New Yourk Fashion Week Trends

New York Fashion Week brought us a bundle of spectacular looks! Here are the most prominent trends from the show:

Most of the designers went with either structured or flowy designs this season. The structured pieces included strong lines, minimal detailing and to add depth to their pieces, bright colors and layers. the flowy pieces were ultra feminine and included adornments of ruffles, lace, floral patterns and lighter colors. All seemed to be in agreement in using rich textures and varied materials.

Dresses and suit dominated the spring lines. Dresses ranged from big bubble shoulders and sleeves to off shoulder and asymmetrical necklines. Suits varied from multi-layer traditional suits for all, to sexy tube top and skirt ensembles with loose fitting jackets.

Oversized accessories were everywhere. The most notable of the group were the  particularly large link chains - as necklaces, bracelets, belts, bag straps and even some shoes. Other popular shoe styles were chunky heels or flat strappies and either square or pointy toes.

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