4 Tricks For A More Professional and Fashionable Look

You don't have to be boring or out of fashion in the office to dress appropriately! Instead use these tips to feel and look your like your best professional self!

Use a scarf to add a pop of color and depth to your outfits. You can use it as a belt, necklace, bracelet, hair accessory or addition to your bag! And because you are using it to cover and add a layer, there isn't anything racy about it (assuming you choose an office appropriate print ;).


Add a stand out piece of jewelry; a pair of dramatic earrings, statement bracelet, ring or broach! Choose something tasteful and bright, maybe add a pop of color different form any other in your outfit too. The key here is add one single piece of jewelry, not multiples. Too many and you will look like you didn't have time to fully pull yourself together from your out all night evening.


Instead of the same neutral color shoes, wear a soft classy tone pair to change the overall feel of your outfit. You can always pair a similar color cardigan or button up shirt to pull the look together. Be careful not to create too much pop on your foot, it draws attention form more important details like your overall professionalism and seriousness about your work.


Keep the higher necklines and lower hem lines but you don't have to look the same everyday in expected fabrics like stiff cotton and wool. Instead choose a fabric with a little extra texture like a metallic sheen skirt or polyester blend blouse that has a dramatic sleeve or collar.






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