Be on Point for 2019 Fall Fashion!

Temperatures are still hot and so are the coming fall fashion trends!
Unlike the big puff jackets we saw in winter earlier this year, structured duster coats are wool and leather! They are also extremely long, but don't fret, the long length is enough to keep you warm, but not enough to cover your cute shoes! 
Waist cinches will be everywhere! Coats, suits, dresses and other ensembles will have a belted tailored look to add a feminine shape to otherwise structured pieces. Looks like the theme Fashion Week theme of strong subtle and feminine is still going strong!
Pair your long duster with a head-to-toe leather outfit or slide it over a stain dress! The beauty of satin will be celebrated this season, as will the color purple and high-neck ruffles.

Patchwork will also be popular in many different forms, small, symmetrical pieces sewn together like a quilt,  muilti-colored retro geo-shapes gowns and mixed patterns and sizes all blend for an eye full of fall fun!
Expect to be cozy in all the fleece and feather pieces as the fashion industry looks for fur alternatives so we can still be fashionable in cities that ban wearing fur.
Tie dye was sprinkled through spring and summer and it stays for fall too! In this cooler season though, designers are applying the patterns to heavier fabrics. This maintains the vibrancy of color and gives it a new twist for the season.

Asymmetrical off the shoulder pieces are en vogue this season too, adding a touch of romance to your look!  

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