What to Wear Out This Season

Night out outfits can take hours to put together, we hope the following fashion pointers help you easily create outfits that make you feel beautiful and confident wearing the latest night out trends!

Although temperatures are up, that doesn't mean less fabric is more, as this years night out trend is pants and linger skirts! All shapes, sizes, colors and fabrics! We recommend a solid color to pair with all the pattern and color trends of the season! 

You can match your pants or long skirt with any animal print! Zebra seems to be making a come back, while leopard seems to be taking the back seat. Snake is still very much on point.

If you aren't so much into animal print, you can pair your pants or long skirt with any neon or red colored tops and accessories. Color pops are important for a night on the town so you don't blend into the darkness! Don't feel like you need to stick with just a top though, bodysuits with stand out accents such as crystal or silver are high fashion. You can layer a bodysuit and sheer top to add depth color and a bit of unexpectedness to you overall outfit.

Pile on the sparkling crystal accents too, hair clips, earrings, belts, bags, jewelry, shoes - you name it - any where you can add sparkling crystal accents, you should!

Image by Harper's Bazaar




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