How to Hoodie Without the Grunge Look

Love the comfy feel of your hoodie but can't work it into your wardrobe because you aren't grunge? Look for these styles fro some variety.

Cropped hoodie: This hoodie separates itself from the traditional style by having a shorter and more snug hem. With this style you can amplify colorful layers or styled belts for a not so slouchy look.

Button front hoodie: A cross between a cardigan and tradition hoodie, this style adds a feminine touch the the boxy silhouette. Look for statement buttons in complementary colors for your wardrobe. It still is a hoodie after all, you will want to live your life in it!

Color block hoodies: Although they have the traditional shape, they are not traditional in style. The colorblock look is very much on point with the patchwork trend we've seen explode this year.

Photo by Elle

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