How to Style Your Fall Sweaters

Look like you just stepped off the runway with these sweater styling trends!

Seasonal transition: If you long to wear that fabulous slip dress that makes you feel so sexy and stylish, go for it! Throw a chunky knit sweater or bright striped soft sweater on top and your favorite slip dress becomes a fashionable skirt. Pair with boots or sock free tennies to pull the whole outfit together.

As an under layer: Keep on with the shorts or knee length skirts and cute open shoes but add a thin high neck solid sweater in place of a cute tank or tee. Add a jacket to the ensemble for a finished look.

As a outer layer: Add a chunky cardigan atop any pant and tee combination. Works best with structured trousers, accessorize with a autumn colored small satchel! OR for a closed front, wear a v neck or scoop next over a collared shirt. Make sure to pull the collars on top of the sweater to make known that you are uber stylish!

As the entire ensemble: Find that perfect long sleeve, big collard sweater dress and wear it with big boots and bags to make the look work.

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