Shoe Styles That Add Spring To Your Step & Wardrobe

The big shoe trends this spring are bright, light, sparkly and comfy!

The newest trend (although a long time coming) is pair sneakers with your spring and summer outfits! Thick soles, bright colors and unique designs will set your sneakers apart from the familiar workout only shoe that we've come to know as the sneaker!

Also on point with the thick sole trend are Espadreill style platforms! This revised version of our favorite casual canvas shoe comes with added height and comfort in a in a thicker sole! You can wear these all day and still have a bounce in your step!

Neon colors are definitely the it colors fro Spring and Summer 2019, every one will know you are a fashionable woman if you are wearing a neon summer shoe - no matter the style!

To take your bright neon shoe up a notch on the trendy scale, pick a pair that is luxe and a chunky slide! Not only will the color pop by the style will stand out too!

Any shoe sporting sparkling rhinestones will shine in the sun and add to your over all glow and lovely look. Choose a well made pair or you may find your glitter falling off juts days into your fun in the sun!

Of course this is the year of faux naked too, so any shoes made of see through material or barely there straps will have your chic fashion sense on display! You can find a 'naked shoe' that combines the bright colors and sparkle of these trends too! Most important, find a shoe that not only makes your feet feel good when you wear them, but your soul too. 



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