Style Yourself Like No One Else Can!

This short post will give your the foundation to learn how to develop your own unique style! Developing your own unique style is easier than you think! It's really all about four main things!


It is really important to include comfort in your style, after all we wear our wardrobe, all day every day and in to the night. A sure way to not feel good in your style is to be in pain. Find comfortable staple pieces, jeans, pants, skirts, blouses, tees, tanks and sweaters to start.


Once you have found a brand or staple pieces that are comfortable for you, mix and match to find color and pattern combinations that make you feel good. Try opposites; a solid color with a pattern piece, bright colors opposite muted tones. 


The movement and wear-ability of your wardrobe stables can contribute to your comfort and confidence. In sticking with opposites pair a structured piece with a free flowing one. Make sure when you move that you are not pulling or fidgeting with anything you have on. Include accessories that have motion you enjoy (those dangle earrings whose motion you can hear or feather earrings that you can feel against your neck). You should enjoy your outfits when you are moving.


Accessories are the icing on the cake! They can be inexpensive and as such varied. (Of course you can have accessory staples too!) Use accessories to change a work look to boho or an evening look to something you would wear to a picnic.
You know best what makes you feel good and what makes you happy! So ultimately just have fun and express yourself!
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