Trending Bags for Summer!

This Summer's three hottest bag trends have a more relaxed, beach ready vibe!

The winner!

The top trending bag style for your breezy summer look is canvas! It seems oversize and wide mouthed are the most desired canvas tote styles this year. Solid colors, vibrant patterns and handle sizes vary; maybe you can carry it on your shoulder or in the crook of your elbow, or maybe only your hand fits. Choose one that can fit all of your summer essentials, sun hat, towel, change of shoes and book! See our favorite here.

The runner up!

We are starting to see an uptick in the desired woven tote - straw or leather. It was predicted that straw bags were on their way out this year but it seems a darker tint and varied hollows have them still in the running as uber trendy. The leather woven totes with hollows seem to be getting bigger holes, stepping away from smaller hole artistic patterns seen in spring. Privacy linings for either material is optional based on how the overall look combines. Click here for a chic hard to find vegan leather hollow woven tote with lining.

The honorable mention!

We are net ready to move on from the almost overdone boho look this year, net totes have snuck there way into the latest summer bag craze by combining an ocean feel (think fish nets) with the traditional netted bag. Either a single or dual handle will do, most of these totes are off shoulder and some are decorated with fun fringe or beads. As with the woven bags, privacy linings are optional but tend to only be found in a few styles. Click here for the best summer net tote we found!



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