5 Must Have Handbags This Year

The ideal bags are exactly the right size for what you will be doing and versatile to mix and match with your wardrobe, here are 6 bags every wardrobe should have and why!

1) A medium size top single handle bag - this is a great bag for someone who needs their hands available and the freedom to move without a purse flying around and banging things. You can hold it in the palm of one hand and still be able to use your fingers. Or you can carry it in your elbow and have full use of both hands. The sorter top handle strap will keep the bag close to your body and closed so it won't be flapping around, falling off your shoulder or spilling your business everywhere while still being easily accessible.

2) A small shoulder bag - this is ideal for a fun night out with friends, so pick one that fits your personality. It only needs to fit a few small essentials so you can grab one that is small and lightweight but big on style! 

3) A crossbody bag - this is the perfect everyday bag! It should be big enough to carry your daily essentials, but not so large that it protrudes unnaturally from your body due to over-stuffing. Opt for a more classic silhouette  and color to fit in with more outfits, including the bold ones. You can go for a bold texture if you want to spice it up a bit.

 4) A tote - this is by far the most versatile of the bags! A two handled satchel can allow you to carry everything you might need where you area and wear you are going, including snacks, an actual book and even sun hat. It might be worth investing in several totes that vary in size, weight material and look (structured verses non). Some may have shoulder straps attached or remove-able, or may be small enough not to need one.

5) A tiny shape - Always have a hand carried size bag in your closet for the you never know when you might need it occasion. Particularly this year, when miniature bags are all the rage! Pick an unexpected shape and some dazzle to go with a sparkling night out look!


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